Digital Transformation of SMBs: The Future of Commerce

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While 87% of consumers surveyed think it's important to support SMBs, they also use digital channels and payment methods when considering where to shop:
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Illustration: laptop screen displaying gift with tablet displaying page beside it.
Illustration: Shopping bag, wrapped gifts and Visa card.

Enable Consumer Discovery

Digital consumer discovery and marketing are critical in today's environment.
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Illustration: tablet displaying small business store with checkmark.
Illustration: desktop computer monitor displaying shopping cart for order.
Illustration: laptop displaying shopping web site.

Find out how you can build an online presence:

Enhance the Customer Experience

Digital tools and services may be used to simplify the customer shopping experience.
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Find out how you can enhance the customer experience:

Impact of Digital Payments

Digital payments, such as paying with a card or mobile device, may positively impact an SMB's bottom line.
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Illustration: tablet displaying Visa logo with checkmark at bottom.
Illustration: Visa card with checkmark.
Illustration: Visa card with X in corner superimposed over a sales receipt for one dollar.
Illustration: Upward trending bar graph indicating dollars with Visa card beneath the highest bar.
Illustration: Visa card overlapping paper page with checkmark at bottom.

Find out how you can accept digital payments and run your business digitally:

Case Studies

The following are real-life testimonials of businesses using digital tools and services and the associated impact.
Fancy caramel apples and candies in a woven basket.
Green food truck serving delicious Vietnamese street food curbside.
Inside view of Mixt restaurant.
Fancy hamburger and an order of french fries.