Innovation at Visa

Our Visa Innovation and Design team, consisting of designers, engineers, product experts and innovation leaders, helps clients win in a competitive marketplace by making commerce solutions that are smarter, faster and safer for their customers. Here is how you can engage with Visa Innovation and Design.

Experience our Innovation Centre and Studio

Walk a day in the life of a connected consumer and discover how we’re changing the future of payments with immersive demos of innovative technologies.

Discover your opportunities for innovation

Our discovery workshops offer immersive deep dives into the industry trends and prioritise areas for growth, enabling clients to unlock opportunity areas based on user research.

Co-create cutting-edge solutions and experiences

We leverage design techniques to understand pain points, validate concepts, design solutions, pilot products and launch and integrate new products into the payments ecosystem.

Our spaces


Let’s collaborate

Visit our San Francisco Innovation Centre or New York Innovation Studio to explore new possibilities for your customers.